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Your Guide To Reporting A Slip and Fall Accident

With our improved legal system, all our rights are well protected including our right to safety and freedom from injuries. To learn more about slip and fall accident, click info. This is why if we experience a slip and fall accident in a public place or you know someone who has experienced this incident, it is very important that you report the accident immediately to the proper authorities or the management of the building in order to make sure that no one will even be victimized again.

Before granting a building permit to building owners, they are expected to maintain safety measures and well-founded precautions most especially if the building is for public use. This is true to malls, restaurant, parks and most if not all buildings. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations provided by law can be a ground for them to face legal action so it is really important to make them aware if there are accidents that occur within their premises.

However, if you encounter an accident in a public place, you do not just report that there is an accident because there are also certain things that you need to take note when reporting them for added accountability and accuracy. In this article, we will provide you with the things that you need to take note of an accident to be able to report it well and have the management take immediate action regarding the accident. Here are some of this information:


In reporting a slip and fall accident, you have to be able to unfold a story accurately as clearly as possible. If you are not sure of the details of the accident, you may want to interview some witnesses and ask them what exactly happened in the scene and how did the incident occur because this information will be needed and will play a very important role in the judicial proceeding.Click discover more to learn more about slip and fall accident. Therefore, you have to be able to narrate what happened as accurately as possible and you should never miss out even the smallest details like the colors of the clothes of the victim, the things that he or she is carrying and so on.


The evidence is also very important because that is how you will prove that the accident that took place is not merely due to the negligence of the victim but because of some circumstances and other substantial cause that may root from the management of the building premises. Pictures can make perfect evidence so if you encounter an accident, make use of your phones and take pictures of the scene as they may be helpful in the future.

These are just some of the things that you need to take note in reporting an accident such as a slip and fall. Always bear in mind that in order to save future victims, you have to report the accident right away to the proper authorities or the management of the building premises so they can do some alterations to prevent future accidents like it. You may also get legal services to back up your claims and if you wish to get one, click here for one of the best law firms that specialize on accidents and other similar situations.

Fight for your rights and help reduce the risk of having future accidents like the ones you encounter by going on the proper process provided by law with the right attorneys and legal counsel. Learn more from

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